Well here's Ted the guy I was with for almost 11 years. We aren't together anymore so I thought I would actually update this page. Here is a poem that I wrote for Ted on our 2 year anniversary.

All I need to do is think of you
and this rush comes through me
You mean more to me then I could ever say
more than I could show
My heart is filled with so much love for you
so much love that my heart seems like it glows
I want to give you everything
because you have given me you
The greatest gift of all
I could never ask for nothing more
Just you in my arms
Just you
If I had everything in the world and not you
I would have nothing
But if I had you and just you
I would have everything
Because you are my happiness
Without you life would be
like a plant without a seed
Like a sun without light
Like a ocean without water
Like a earth without life
You are the one for me
You are the seed, light, water and life
You are the seed that helps me grow
You are the light in my heart and in my life
You are the water that helps me live
You are everything
You are my life

I Love You Babe!
Happy Anniversary.